Monday, March 30, 2009


Effective immediately, please visit the new web site for Tillicum Toastmasters, New Westminster, BC: http://tillicum.freetoasthost.ws/

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meeting of Monday, March 9, 2009

Another full house tonight and we welcomed our first time guests Khosro (friend of Michelle P.) and Una, visiting from Quay Speakers in North Vancouver (friend of Natalie), and Paul, our returning guest. Many thanks for visiting and glad to hear you enjoyed the meeting!

Julie as Chairperson did an excellent job in keeping the meeting to theme and on time. Favourite Desserts was a favourite topic and, like the desserts themselves, was well received!

as Grammarian chose Prodigious – meaning sizeable, with the example: “He ate everything in sight with his prodigious appetite!” Thanks Brian for this word of the day, used quite often during the evening!

During the Business Meeting both Ray and Sohale were inducted into Tillicum – congratulations to you both; may you enjoy your membership and learn from Toastmasters!

John was, as usual, excellent in any role he plays and tonight was no exception! As Table Topics Master he presented five scenarios all relating to desserts and Maureen won the Best Table Topics Award, complete with cha cha routine! Thanks to Antonella for her good evaluation of the “contestants”!

Thanks too to Natalie for her contribution of desserts for the break, following which she took on the role of Toastmaster. Three program speakers: Andrea (#6), Jennifer (#7) and Michelle L. speaking from the Advanced Manual all presented so well. Congratulations to Andrea on winning the Best Speaker Award and to Rosemary for her evaluation of Michelle’s speech.

Brian will chair the March 16th meeting with the theme “Your First Car”, so please assist him when he calls on you to fill roles.

On a personal note: due to extending work objectives and personal reasons, I have decided not to renew membership with Tillicum at the end of March. I know I will miss our Monday meetings and I wish you all at Tillicum the very best. May you strive to meet your objectives and achieve much from your membership.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meeting of Monday, February 23, 2009

Another full house tonight and we welcomed our first time guests Jasenka, Paul and Richard, and returning guest Brad. Thanks so much for visiting and glad you enjoyed the meeting! We were also joined by Dr. Doug Thiessen, Ph.D., who is the District Lt. Gov. Education and Training on this his first visit to Tillicum, and we were so pleased to see you!

Las Vegas was the lively theme of the evening, congenially chaired by Lutz, who began by advising how Las Vegas got its name (The Meadows) and ongoing colourful history!!

Susan as Grammarian chose Imprudent (adj.) as the word of the day. Meaning unwise, injudicious, rush, imprudently (adv.) with the example: “Fred imprudently bet all of his money at the roulette tables.” Used with some continuity, imprudent seemed an appropriate choice for those who are sometime gamblers! Thanks Susan!

Michelle L. as Table Topics Master kept to the theme of the evening and called on five members to interpret situations such as What kind of games do you like? (Craps from John) Apart from gambling, what would you do in Las Vegas? (Natalie chose to read). Maureen won the Best Table Topics Award for offering to take her special guest Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) to Las Vegas – yeah, in your dreams!!

was our most amiable Toastmaster and introduced two program speakers: Lindsey Ann who charmed us with her Ice Breaker and Mariam, speaking from the Storytelling Manual and who relayed a fable. Great going both of you, and congrats to Mariam who won Best Speaker Award! Tom and Julie tied for Best Evaluators. Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulations too go to Andrea who was presented with the Nickel Award for completing her 5th speech some weeks ago. Only five more to go Andrea when you can proudly boast of becoming a Competent Communicator!

Mariam is chairing the March 2nd meeting, so please assist her when she calls on you to fill roles.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meeting of Monday, February 16, 2009

Computer/monitor frustrations kept Maureen away from the club this evening. However, thanks to Mariam for again providing commentary on the meeting!

Chairperson Margot sparked the evening with a theme of Favourite Movies of 2008. You can learn a lot about people from their movie choices. We welcomed Brad as our guest and thank him for attending!

was welcomed as a new member tonight and participated in Table Topics with a smile.

Grammarian Jennifer chose "astronomical" for the word of the day, adding to the pizza fund with her careful listening.
New member Sohale shared a great joke.
As Table Topics Master, Maurice chose book-centric topics. We enjoyed Anita, Michelle P., Ray, Sam and Michelle L. as they each talked about their creative titles. Anita was chosen Best Table Topics Speaker - congratulations!

Andrea earned her nickel award with an informative talk about managing the three stages of stress with a smile. Tom (DTM) was chosen Best Speaker; he started manuals anew, with his powerful icebreaker, "Who Am I?" Antonella earned Best Evaluator with her articulate feedback for Tom.

Lutz will chair the Feb. 23 meeting, with a Las Vegas theme. Blackjack or poker, anyone?
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